Audit Reports Issued by PCAOB-Registered Firms Located Where Authorities Deny Access to Conduct Inspections 

To assist investors and other stakeholders, the PCAOB makes available this database of PCAOB-registered firms located where non-U.S. authorities impede the PCAOB’s ability to conduct oversight activities required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The database provides information reported by the firms on Form APs about the audit reports those firms have issued for U.S. public companies (including companies that may no longer trade on U.S. markets). 

About the data: The data is collected from Form APs filed by registered firms. Since January 2017, firms have been required to submit a Form AP for each audit report issued for a public company. A firm’s failure to timely file a Form AP is a violation of the Board’s rules for which sanctions may be imposed. 

Auditors in jurisdictions where the PCAOB is denied access to conduct oversight may also perform referred work as a part of the audits of multinational public companies. Even though these auditors do not issue audit reports for such companies, the audit work they perform is relied upon by the public company’s principal auditor, and can be significant. You can view the database of firms that rely on such referred work.